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We have now ventured into the supported housing. We have a property on lease which we provide accommodation and support.

Our Referrals come from different agencies across Nottingham as well as housing aid and social care. In the last 8 months we have supported more than 25 young people, with some going into employment, having their own homes, apprenticeships and others going back into college/training.

We aim to Prepare are service users to sustain independent living

We do this by helping them build their skills. We cover life skills, budgeting, completing application forms, dealing with agencies, furnishing a home on a budget, healthy eating, making soft furnishing etc in our support packages.

At the Chayah Group forum we aim to cover the holistic area of mind body and individuality.

Disability is no object; it will only give you another way of looking at issues. This covers Mental and Physical Health, addictions, whatever the issue; each Service user will have a personal programme that is devised for their needs.

The Chayah Group is at present a Community Voluntary project and we never want to lose this status as it keeps us in the community but we are finding it harder and harder to keep up the delivery of the projects without financial support.

We don’t want to be a 9-5 agency as we know that most activities and events can happen out of the normal working shifts, and many that fall victim to the crime or incident will not or cannot call the police, and would like the matter dealt with support.

Even though the Chayah Group is new, most members of the project have worked in the Nottingham City volunteer area for many years and have gained the respect of the communities.

We are in the process of compiling a 12 weeks programme (Who am I) which covers issues such as (Abuse of all types, Rejection, Self-Harm, Self-Esteem, Families, Addictions). Topics headings (Where have I been, Where am I NOW, Where am I Going, How do I stay AHEAD). We are again looking for agencies to accredit this programme so that the attendees can have a certificate many of which have never had a qualification. This can be a step back into education, Training or even to a ‘LIFE’

We at the Chayah Group are willing to works alongside other agencies, not to duplicate services but to enhance the delivery of all our departments.

If you need help and/or support

If you need help and/or support on the many different issues that can affect young people please contact us at:


Tel: 0115 9241 244
alternatively you can email us on:

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Tel: 0115 9241 244

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