What is our plan?

The have developed two different but target oriented training programmes. The Chayah development Project is aimed at young girls, while the Boys 2 Men (part of Chayah Men) project aimed at the boys. We have partnered with Bobbington College to offer training into trades for individuals who we have identified need trade as an essential part of their growth while/ and plan to do 8 -12 weeks comprehensive workshops.

We know that the package we deliver is hard hitting but it was devised by people who have lived the life and are now survivors in the bigger world. Being a Grassroots project we know that as the saying goes “HE WHO FEELS IT KNOWS IT”. We find that 90% of people whom we have come into contact with are looking for guidance. We do not believe in pushing our beliefs onto others but allowing them to look into themselves. The young people and their families whom we have supported over the years have found that by learning to know themselves they get to move on.

The vision of Chayah Group is to empower and enrich the lives of all who comes into contact with the project and beyond.

The Chayah Group works along sides other agencies so as not to duplicate services but to enhance the delivery of all our departments.

If you need help and/or support

If you need help and/or support on the many different issues that can affect young people please contact us at:


Tel: 0115 9241 244
alternatively you can email us on:

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Chayah Project
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Chayah Development Project
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Email: info@chayahgroup.co.uk
Tel: 0115 9241 244

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