Chayah Development Project

Some of our main objectives are:

  • Development. This is about bringing about a tangible transition that will allow the women we interact with to have a marked change and grow into who they need to be. Teaching them how to understand self, confidence building, and empowerment that creates an alternative healthy identity.
  • Awareness of not only the problems but the solutions available to combat them.
  • Understanding that these women can come out of what they are in by highlighting the issues through teaching and training.
  • Education and knowledge of not only how to leave the gangs or violent relationships but also how to live after they have left.
  • Change that is positive, consistent and life altering by being examples and mentoring each individual through their personal journeys. •
  • Management of the major changes they will have to go through and life after the decision.
  • Signposting is absolutely essential in making sure that there is after care.
  • Coaching in terms of goal setting and achieving their own personal goals
  • Support is so important in this journey and each individual should be aware that no matter their pace they have support at every stage.

If you need help and/or support

If you need help and/or support on the many different issues that can affect young people please contact us at:


Tel: 0115 9241 244
alternatively you can email us on:

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Chayah Project
Chayah Men
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Chayah Development Project
Unit 18, 3 Hawksworth Street
Renewal Trust Business Centre
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Tel: 0115 9241 244

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