Chayah Development Project is proud to announce our new REACH PROGRAMME which is part of the Big Lottery's 2016 Women and Girls Initiative. We are very pleased to have been chosen to be a part of this great work.

Our REACH Programme was set up to engage with young women, girls and their families to work through life issues. Our idea is to now focus more on targeted outreach support for young women and single mothers in the Nottingham community. The REACH programme as it stands is all about empowering young women into education and employment while also promoting long term support.
Our REACH programme is two-tired and works to improve the lives and prospects of both our mentors and mentees/service users.

The programme is tweaked and changed to support the needs of the current cohort and adapted in response to feedback. The proposal includes a 12 week Mentor Training and a further 2 accredited apprenticeships. Each young woman is to be paired with a mentor and this relationship will last for 12 months during a mentor’s placement. All young people work their way through the ‘Recovery Developmental Programme’ as part of the development support that the young person receives.

Our aim is to develop coordination and cooperation in methods which will enable the beneficiaries to participate actively in as many project actions as possible.

Our Overall Goal: Disadvantaged young women will be enabled to have independent, empowered and confident lives through robust sustainable support/engagement.

REACH will endevour to:

  • default_titleOffer long-term support, including through the use of peer mentors to the young women after leaving the foyer to help them maintain independent living;
  • default_titleOffer cross age peer mentor apprenticeships’ to improve our young women’s employability prospects.
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Cross-age peer mentoring refers to programmes in which an older youth (mentor) is matched with a younger person (mentee) for the purpose of guiding and supporting the mentee in many areas of her academic, social, and emotional development. The “cross-age” allows for effective role modeling and positions the mentor as a wiser and older individual, as with adult-youth mentoring.

Equality and Inclusion is at the forefront of our work and plays an integral part in our attitude and decision making. Delivery of our work is led by the Equality Act (2010) and all our team of staff/volunteers and young women work hard to implement it throughout the service. We also hold Child Protection and Safeguarding policies which we always put into practice in all our work.

Chayah project also stands by its Every Child Matters policy, which is aimed at safeguarding and improving the life chances of all young people including the women we engage with. It aims to reduce levels of educational failure, ill health, neglect, crime and anti-social behaviour among children and young people. Chayah celebrates diversity and promotes a culture where differences between people are respected and valued.

We work hard to make our project accessible to as many young people as possible. The networking agencies we work with will play a pivotal role in this area, as this will enable us to reach more young people through our contacts. We work to overcome barriers by finding new and creative way to address them and proactively include less represented groups.

Chayah believes that women are integral to the development of our society and our work is to make sure that the women we work with, will be able to discover their ‘voices’ and in turn affect positive change in not only their lives but also in their wider communities. We believe that once empowered, these young women will be able to attain all their dreams with the right support and structure around them. The REACH project will work to include all young women irrespective of background and offer support that will be beneficial in each of their lives.

We are welcoming referrals from agencies of young women you believe could benefit from being mentors or being mentored. These can be sent to:

If you need help and/or support

If you need help and/or support on the many different issues that can affect young people please contact us at:


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